After Delft broke the record again in 2015 with a span of 22.15 meters, the students of Eindhoven were up to the challenge to show the remaining possibilities. With the use of 7000 crates and a span of 26.69 meters, the record was back in the hands of Eindhoven. Despite attempts by Delft and Twente, this record has not been broken to this day.

Video report of the event

koerspoging 2016


Six years later, Delft broke the record. They made a bridge with a span of 15.6 meters and, with that, they set the new record. Of course, the students of Eindhoven do not give up easily and broke the record again with a span of 19.66 meters. This record was broken with a new design with the shape of a catenary line. This design proved to be so efficient that is is still used to this day.

koerspoging 2012


The idea to build a Beer Crate Bridge originated in Delft. In 2004, students of the Technical University of Delft set the first record of 7.4 meters. The following year, students of the Technical University of Eindhoven broke the record with a span of 12.6 meters.

koerspoging 2005