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Beer Crate Bridge
Record attempt May 11th, 15:00
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Study association KOers tried to break the world record longest beer crate bridge!


Unfortunately we did not succeed in breaking the world record.

However, we did have an amazing time during the preparations and the construction of the bridge and we are very proud of what we have accomplished.

We would really like to thank our partners and all the volunteers that helped us.

Check our Instagram / Facebook to see our progress! On this website you can find the most important updates and our photoalbum.

With love,

BKB committee

Practical information

May 11th 2022, 15:00

TU/e campus, Flux field

  Public transport
Eindhoven Central Station (10 min walk)

  Navigation campus
De Zaale, 5612AZ Eindhoven

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Almost finished! 09-05-2022

It's almost time! The bridge is almost finished, the last buttress is still being completed and we are busy with the hydraulic press. Only 2 days to go for the world record attempt longest BeerCrateBridge.

Visit us on Wednesday and enjoy this beautiful view. Celebrate this moment with us and get your free tickets for the afterparty here.

almost-finished bridge

More construction photos

Hydraulic press 05-05-2022

Today, the hydraulic press construction has been placed! The hydraulic press construction has an important task during the building process. It is used to create force in the arch so that it stays in place!

This is done using two hydraulic presses that applies a force on a buttress. In this way, the two buttresses are brought together and the arch is pressed inbetween them!

hydraulic prestressing

More construction photos

Highest point of the arch! 04-05-2022

One week to go until the world record attempt on Wednesday 11th of May. Over the past 3 weeks we have been working hard on building our Bierkrattenbrug!

Various activities have been carried out, from building the scaffolding to filling the crates for the buttresses. We are currently building the arch, today we have reached the center of the arch!

Check out all construction progress on the photo page!


First crate by dean Theo Salet 25-04-2022

The first crate is a fact!

Monday afternoon, the first crate was placed by Theo Salet, the Dean of the Department of the Built Environment and Full Professor of Structural Design / Concrete Structures. Besides the first crate, there are other proceedings on the construction site. The foundation is finished, the scaffoldings are almost finished, the crates for the buttresses are also being filled, and the first few cross-sections of the buttresses are constructed.

First crate by Theo Salet

Watch the video on Instagram or Facebook

The first activity on site 18-04-2022

Preparations on the building site for the Beer Crate Bridge started last week. The first deliveries of crates have arrived and are waiting for the foundation of the bridge before they will be put in place. The earliest signs of what is to come are already visible to the attentive eye: the future position of the bridge is marked on the large field of grass and many materials are already present.

With that, the one month long period of daily construction activities has started! For updates on the progress, keep an eye on this website or follow our social media.


Bridge design revealed! 26-03-2022

The design of the bridge is finished! On wednesday the 11th of may, it’s all going to happen. A bridge that completely consists of Heineken 0.0 crates with a length of at least 40 meters! Two towers with a height of at least 8 meters will be built at the ends of the bridge. These two towers will be filled with water because it acts like abutments.

A span will be built between these two towers with a height of 6,5 meters. The design is made in such a way that the bridge is smaller in the middle than at the base, which creates a lighter weight and it will be less affected by the wind. We are still looking for volunteers for building the bridge, so sign up and join us!


Check out the previous bridges built by KOers

Volunteers wanted 23-03-2022

A small model of a Beer Crate Bridge was recently constructed in the Trappenzaal. With this model, promotion of the event was kicked off and so is the search for volunteers. Next week, the 29th of March, KOers organizes an interest drink for potential volunteers where people interested in contributing can find out more about construction and the event.

Volunteers are needed during the construction phase, which will be from April 18th on. On May 11th, the day of the record attempt, volunteers can finalize the construction of the bridge, or help during the attempt and the celebration. Demolishing the bridge together with volunteers then continues until May 14th.


Article by Cursor 22-03-2022

Cursor, the news outlet at the TU/e, released an article about the Beer Crate Bridge by KOers. Read more about the plans, considerations, and ongoing development.

Read the article here!


Two months left 18-03-2022

There are only two months left till the BeerCrateBridge attempt takes place! In the time since the last update, we’ve all been very busy with the bridge. During this time, a few things happened: the final design of the BeerCrateBridge is completed, the foundation plan has changed, a demolition plan is made, contracted new sponsors and we also have a few new committee members. The whole committee will be introduced soon and the final design will be published next week, so stay tuned!

We are also still looking for volunteers, so don’t hesitate and join us!


Listen to the podcast episode 16-12-2021

"Kunnen we het Maken?" is the podcast about building engineering by Study Association KOers. In episode 8 of season 2, committee members Jelle and Laura talk about the development of the Beer Crate Bridge.

 Episode 8 • Bierkrattenbrug - Jelle & Laura
Podcast Beer Crate Bridge(NL) In addition to buildings, also bridges can be engineered at the TU/e. Even beer crate bridges. For years there has been a competition to create the largest span. In 2022, Eindhoven will try to break the world record. Jelle and Laura tell us everything about this potential new world record.
▶ SoundCloud▶ Spotify ▶ iTunes

More "Kunnen we het Maken?"

First partner 08-11-2021

We would like to introduce our first official partner: WSP in Nederland. For those who daren't familiar with WSP, it is a globally recognized professional services firm. The experts within WSP work on a future-proof living environment in the field of construction, infrastructure, environment, water and energy. With the expertise and the advice of WSP, the structural design of the BeerCratesBridge can be optimized.

Last week, a few committee members visited the WSP office in Eindhoven for a meeting. During this meeting, the entire process was discussed and WSP gave a few useful tips for an even better design and realization.

We look forward to working with WSP and wish everyone good luck!

meeting WSP

Find all of our partners here

BKB Committee trip 15-11-2021

Last weekend we had our committee trip to....... BRUGGE! Almost the whole committee joined the trip to Brugge and we got to know each other in a different but fun way. We went to, among other, a beer brewery, a chocolate museum and a fries museum. We also climbed to the highest point of the Belfort tower to see this amazing view over the whole city. This trip was not possible without Sue Ellen en Jelle. Thankyou guys for all the effort and of course for the amazing BKBrugge hat.

committee in Brugge

Scale model 01-07-2021

The structural committee made a scale model of the BeerCrateBridge design. During the construction of the scale model, we encountered areas which needed some improvement. For instance, the measurements of the crates were not fully correct and needed to be adjusted in the design. The crates were prestressed with the help of lashing straps to fully assemble the BeerCrateBridge.

When the scale model was fully assembled, the lashing straps were removed to see if the BeerCrateBridge could stand on its own without any help.... And YES!!! The scale model was able to stand on its own WITHOUT the help of the straps. The scale model is shown below as a nice video (on purpose of course;))

BeerCrateBridge Committee 10-05-2021

The BeerCrateBridge committee is finally complete! Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to meet with the whole committee due to the Covid circumstances and regulations. Instead of a group photo, we pinned the locations on the ground of every committee member and each one came by individually to create a Covid proof committee photo.

The committee consists of three subcommittees because this project is an important event which requires a lot of care and attention. The three subcommittees are the head committee, the structural committee and the realization committee. The head committee discusses the most important conclusions from the other two subcommittees and all the general points like the PR, media, planning and the event. The structural committee takes care of the structural elements to create a safe design of the bridge and the realization committee takes care of everything regarding the attempt/event itself.

More about the committee

The members of the entire BKB committee are:
Lucas van Bemmelen, Anne Derks, Laura Vrenken, Erwin Webers, Linda Versteegh, Anna Ongenae, Mike Veenhuis, Evelien Dorresteijn, Teun Warmerdam, Amy Huw, Jelle Versteege, Elise Wielinga, Saar Driessen, Leroy Pieloor, Thomas Pannekeet, Bart van der Born, Naomi Vastenhout, Sue Ellen de Nijs, Joes Sloots and Jilke Donkervoort.

Testing the beer crates 24-03-2021

The first pallet with beer crates arrived. We could not use the test results of the Beer Crate Bridge attempt from 2016 because we do not use the same crates. Therefore, the crates are tested again in the Structural Lab. The new crates are tested on shear strength, compressive strength, and orientation. All the tests are elaborated several times to guarantee the reliability.